Nsfw tinder ZoneBased Policy Firewall Design and Application GuideUpdatedDecember 27 2010IntroductionCisco IOS Software Release 12.46T introduced ZoneBased Policy Firewall ZFW a new configuration model for the Cisco IOS Firewall feature set. This new configuration model offers intuitive policies for multipleinterface routers increased granularity of firewall policy application and a default denyall policy that prohibits traffic between firewall security zones until an explicit policy is applied to allow desirable traffic. Nearly all classic Cisco IOS Firewall features implemented before Cisco IOS Software Release 12.46T are supported in the new zonebased policy inspection interface Stateful packet inspectionDenialofService DoS mitigationCisco IOS Software Release 12.49T added ZFW support for perclass sessionconnection and throughput limits as well as app

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